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interactive courses, learn to play guitar and piano - improve your skills
courses and tutorials for piano and guitar, home recording & producing                                         


Piano and guitar online

  • Piano practice and guitar tutorials
  • Pop Rock song versions for the piano 
  • Neapolitan songs  

Courses for piano and guitar

  • Pop songs on the classical guitar
  • Popular Pink Floyd,  Lennon and                    Santana songs for piano
  • Neapolitan songs  

 Learn guitar online 

  • Pop songs for classical guitar 

Learn to record and produce your own music. Tutorials for home recording for guitar and piano.  Improve your  competence by following our courses and tutorials for piano, classical and acoustic guitar.  Free online content.

An Unique Fender Vintage Collection, showing all of the models of stratocaster, telecaster, amplifiers, bass guitars and vintage custom components produced from 1951 to 1974.

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