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Meet our teachers

Federico Favali

Master in composition and Drama Art and Music. His compositions has been performed in several Italian cities, and abroad in Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. Federico's inspirations are all based on imaginary theatrical actions.

Federico De Antoni

Federico from Rome is specialised in the interpretation of modern music. He studied many years classical and jazz-blues piano music

and played all over Europe his piano rock music songs. 

He re-arranges pop-rock songs in his own original way.

Gianriccardo Pera

Producer, director, documentary maker and script writer. Worked as a director for Mediaset Italy for many years and produced shows for RAI TV. Specialist for web communication and video entertainment.  Produced the series Home Recording Video lessons for BlackBear Music. 

Matthias Kadar

Composer and singer, is noted for his idiosyncratic musical language and distinct writing style. Kadar studied composition and piano with Christian Lauba in Bordeaux and later with Theo Loevendie at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He composed about 200 works for solo voice or instrument, ensemble, orchestra and theatre that have been performed worldwide. His collaborations as a composer/ singer have taken him or his compositions to the most prestigious concert halls or festivals in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. 

Juan Manuel Ruiz Pardo

Classical - trained, award -winning guitarist, teacher at the Murcia Conservatory. His versatility enables him to go beyond the limits of the standard classical player and use resources from languages like flamenco, jazz, folk or rock. He combines his own multi-style pieces with exciting polyphonic arrangements of pop & rock classics from Beatles, Queen, Police, Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson and many more. He has released two CDs to date, "Chopin para guitarra" and "Rara Avis" (Severalia).