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Guitar and Piano fundamentals

Various teachers help you to improve your playing through demonstrations of principle techniques tips, exercises and basic postures. 

A basic list of principles for playing in every style, starting from from you should not do when playing classical and acoustic guitar. Check your skill and achieve how to practice avoiding mistakes and getting the best sound


Our teacher Juan Manuel Ruiz show us how to play beautiful Harp scales on classical guitar, which you can also apply to acoustic. A cascade of notes, letting the note ring while you play the next ones in the progression.

With Portamentos, we are able to produce a very distinctive phrasing. It resembles the slur technique, but has a different flavor and enables us to keep the effect up and down the fingerboard far as we get the movement right. Learn it here


Natural harmonics are an idiomatic and beautiful resource we guitarists have for enriching the colour of our musical ideas on the instrument. In this video, we learn to produce them


Natural harmonics do not provide all 12 notes of the scale; for obtaining the ones we don´t have, we need lo learn how to play Artificial harmonics. In this video, I´ll teach you how


Piano Fundamentals: various teachers help you to improve your piano techniques. Find practical and useful tips about posture, usage of the pedal, chords timing and more. 

How to find the perfect timing to change the chords on piano

How to use the piano pedals: the sustain

The best kind of posture when playing piano

Different ways to play chords, according to the melody